It all Starts on Monday

Hello to my fellow Young and Free readers. I am excited to inform you that I started training for the Young and Free spokester position today. It's been a day packed with training and I'm just about ready to show off my skills.

Stay tuned to the Young and Free website, as I will officially begin my first day of work on Monday, June 28th. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates. Be sure to let me know what you want me to discuss in the financial world! While I do have some great ideas, I also know that you probably do as well, and I want to know what your financial questions are whether it's wondering about credit unions or how to create a budget or anything in between. Be sure to also beep or wave if you see me out driving the Young and Free Chevy Cruze around Maine. For those of you who have expressed concern about the main picture on the website, have no fear! I will have a different picture up shortly that doesn't make me look so...beardy? Check back in on Monday for the official start of Young and Free Maine, and tell your friends too!  

PS, No more beard!