It's Almost the end

Well folks, tomorrow is my last day with Young & Free. It's sad to say, but we all must move on at some point in time, It's crazy that my year is almost up. In fact, it will be exactly a year tomorrow that I started the job with Young & Free and Maine's credit unions. It's been a heck of an experience, and one that I will never forget! While I am definitely looking forward to my new endeavor as a marketing director, I couldn't say goodbye without saying thank you to a few people. So here we go!

Thank you credit unions!

Seriously, I couldn't have done this job without you for multiple reasons! First off, who would I promote? I don't think Young & Free Maine would have thrived as a dating service. I did however joke with people about it being a place where singles could meet up. Don't worry though, I told them I was joking. Also, thank you to all the amazing credit union employees and members I met throughout the course of the year. You made the experience so enjoyable and helped the first year of Young & Free in Maine a HUGE success. I can't wait for the second year to see how it progresses!

Thank you Starbucks

Thanks for providing me with lots of caffeinated beverages to help me maintain energy and giving me a place to write many of my daily blogs. You will be missed! Side note...look out Auburn Starbucks! I'm about to set up shop in your area. You've been warned.

Thank you parents!

I am very thankful to my parents (and my sister Casie) for letting me know about this job opportunity and encouraging me to apply last year. Mom, thanks for telling me about all of the openings at the hospital, even though I had a journalism degree, but also letting me know about Young & Free. I most likely would not have heard about the position if you hadn't called me that day! Thanks dad for supporting me as well and believing that I could do this job and do it well. You both are awesome!

Thank you...YOU

Thanks for reading my blogs and watching my videos! It's been a whirlwind ride, and it ends tomorrow. Thank you for reading throughout the year about all of my crazy adventures, financial nuggets and watching all the videos from my first in Bar Harbor to the crazy videos of me in the county at dogsled racing, or being the only person in a motel. Thanks for all of your feedback and continued support. My only hope is that you follow Kylie and welcome her with a bang!

Also...I may be blogging on my own site soon, so stay tuned! I'm 25, and I'm married. I am not Young & Free anymore! I am old and taken. Perhaps that may be the title of my new blog? We shall see. THANK YOU!

Seth P.