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The Young & Free Maine Insiders group is a Facebook group created as a place for us to have meaningful discussions about money topics that matter in our lives (a.k.a. real money conversations). It's a place for us to share ideas, tips, and learning expierneces with each other on how to better manage our money. 

If You're an 18-to-25 Year Old, This Is For You!

If you are an 18-to-25 year old, are about to graduate from high school, are going to college, started full-time work, or if you have graduated from college, this group is the perfect place to learn how to handle any money situation that comes your way. 

The idea behind the group is that we all have money questions, or issues that come up dealing with money. Sometimes, the best place to find answers is from our peers. Sometimes, the most relatable sources are people who are going through the same things that we are. Sometimes, we want expert advice, but don't know where to go. For any of your money questions, this is the place! We will find tips from our peers, and if we need expert advice, I'll seek out knowledgeable experts. 

There's more to it. When you're a part of the Young & Free Insiders group, you will be the first to know about contests, prizes, promotions, and more! Be a part of the Young & Free community, and have a say in your financial future.

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Young & Free Maine Insiders Facebook Group.

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