Kicking bad Money Habits

We all have them. I haven't met too many people our age who don't make stupid purchases once in a while, or fall into bad situations with finances. I do it. I spend too much money on coffee and probably not nearly enough on footwear (I've been wearing the same pair of Crocs for about 4 years now). Here's some tips from which talks about bad money habits we should all kick. I'm pretty sure the article was written for people who try to observe lent (because they talk about kicking the habit for 40 days) but the tips can be used absolutely whenever.

Wallet and Waist Killers

If you are a fan of eating out, drinking or smoking, you may want to try and cut back. Think about this. The average American spends somewhere around 272 dollars per 40 days. Holy cow! That's quite a bit of money if you ask me. Cigarettes run anywhere from 5-7 dollars, and that can also add up. Not only is cutting back on things like eating out or smoking or drinking probably beneficial for your health, it will also save you a good deal of money at the end of each month and year. Could be worth a shot!

Not Monitoring Your Banking

Are you part of a bank still? Heck, even if you are a credit union member (which you should be) you should not go weeks or even days without looking at your account. Checking your accounts on a day to day basis will ensure that you have money left in your account, and also stop you from overdrawing. Those overdraft fees can be a doozy (unless you have free4ME checking with Oops! refund) so be careful and check your account often!

Bad Credit Card Behavior

I don't own a credit card, so thankfully this does not pertain to me. Unfortunately, there are a ton of people out there who have oodles (good word right?) of credit card debt. In 2011, the average debt of a household that used credit cards was nearly sixteen thousand dollars. HOLY COW! That's just unpleasant! How about we try this. Instead of spending money with credit cards, put them "on hold" and leave them home. Only use money that you have in your wallet or purse. There's no use going into debt further then you have to!

Take a look at the whole article here and see if any of the tips could be helpful for you!

What are some bad money habits you can kick?

Seth P.