Kylie's Must Have Music

It's the last day to submit entries for the 2nd Annual Young & Free Maine Sound Off Music Competition. I've had a blast listening to all the talented musicians! Your original songs put me in a very musical mood. 

I've gone through my Spotify library of playlists and picked out my favorite artists that I'm listening to right now. Though some of these bands have been around for a few years, I've just discovered (or rediscovered) them thanks to the magic of Spotify Radio. If you love finding new music like me, check out these artists and more on Spotify. It's free!


Artist Vs Poet

Sounds Like Sparks the Rescue, Every Avenue, The Maine
Favorite Tracks Stay, Wait for You
The Breakdown
Artist Vs Poet’s lead singer and guitarist, Joe Kirkland, appeared on last season of NBC’s The Voice, but he got his start in this little power pop/pop punk band from Fort Worth, Texas. I highly recommend their 2012 acoustic album, Remember This, featuring my favorite song, “Stay”. Joe’s unique vocals bring and edgy feel to this love song. 

And I feel a rise in my chest when I see that smile
'Cause I know now at least for a while you're gonna stay
Artist Vs Poet, "Stay"

The Rocket Summer

Sounds Like The Starting Line, Cartel, Something Corporate
Favorite Tracks 200,000, Never Knew, Cross My Heart
The Breakdown
I first got into The Rocket Summer in high school when I heard “Cross My Heart” played on the big speakers at a concert while the crew got the stage ready for Hanson. Thanks to my little brother and Spotify, I heard The Rocket Summer's new album and I remembered why I love the band so much. Front man Bryce Avary’s voice is unique and his lyrics are honest. The Rocket Summer has a song to fit every mood or moment. You’ve just got to listen to this band. This March I'll be heading to see The Rocket Summer in concert for the first time and I can't wait. I hear Bryce really brings the energy on stage.

There are not one but two hundred thousand miles on my car.
To be with you I've driven far, but I loved you that much.
The Rocket Summer, "200,000"

Ron Pope

Sounds Like Gavin DeGraw, The Fray, Howie Day
Favorite Tracks You’re The Reason I Come Home, A Drop in the Ocean
The Breakdown
I discovered Ron Pope last weekend and I'm upset it's taken me this long to find him. His voice is silky smooth and powerful while his lyrics are raw and poetic. You may have heard one of his most popular tracks, “A Drop in the Ocean” on the television show The Vampire Diaries or 90210. I don’t know much about this Ron Pope guy yet, but I plan to get better acquainted with his music. I just can’t get enough of his sound. Check out this live version of "A Drop in the Ocean" below.

The Cab

Sounds Like Parachute, Hedley, The Maine
Favorite Tracks Living Louder, Bad, La La
The Breakdown
You can’t find a bad track on their most recent record Symphony Soldier, but lyrically, “Living Louder” is one of the best songs on the album. It’s all about living everyday to the absolute fullest, taking every chance you have to do the things you love.

If today's the day I die
Lay me down under the lights
Let me fall in love
et me save a life

And let me lose my voice
Singing all my favorite songs
Let me stare up at the stars
'Cause it's where we all belong
The Cab, "Living Louder"

This is what you'll hear playing on the speakers of The Green Machine this week (along with plenty of Hanson, of course). What are YOU listening to?

Get those Sound Off entries in, everyone!

Kylie K.