Learning Experiences: The overdraw nightmare

It happened on July 6th, just as the Fourth of July festivities were coming to a close.  I was only trying to quench my thirst with a soft drink, worth $1.39.  An innocent act of unthinkable consequence.  

After making my purchase, I satisfied my need for an ice cold beverage.  But as the day went on, I grew hungry.  I needed to purchase…a meal.  And so, to satisfy the human hunger need, I drove through the drive-thru and conveniently worsened my situation with a delicious, yet less-than-healthy, meal.  

On my way home, I realized that I would not make it home…unless I stopped for gas.  As the clouds darkened overhead, I sensed that something wasn’t right.  Going against my gut feeling, I handed the gas attendant my debit card.  Questioningly, he took hold of my card as we exchanged a long, pensive look.  At the time I was unknowing, but after I returned home, I discovered the horrors that came from my small, but powerful, debit card.

Looking at my online statements, I happened upon not one, not two, but THREE overdraft fees.  The nightmare had been unfolding throughout the day, and it left me baffled!  

What is most frustrating is that I could have used my smart phone to check my account balances before plunging into purchases that I could not afford.  I only had to log in to my mobile account with the credit union app.  Luckily, credit unions understand that mistakes happen, and that we are human.  Sometimes we just forget.  With the FREE4ME checking account, we get two Oops! Refunds per year when we overdraw.  So you are forgiven and protected.  

Always stay ahead of the game…check your account balances before buying, and budget wisely!  Don't let this nightmare happen to you, but if it does, you have your FREE4ME checking account to protect you!

Like always, keep living young and free.

Your Young & Free Spokester, 


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