Lessons In Giving

November is the start of the "Spread The Joy" Instagram Challenge. It is meant to be a time for giving back to our beloved friends, families, communities, and coworkers.

I've learned that giving back isn't always easy.

It requires thought, effort, planning, and work. Giving requires time. In our everyday lives, it is easy to fall into a routine of accomplishing our to-do lists. Then, you are free to do as you please. Giving to others, however, requires that you sacrifice your free time. That is the joy of giving!

On my giving list this year, are people who have impacted my life, people I love, and people who I have never met. Every experience and perspective is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, and to improve who we are. Giving to others, without expectations, is something that we all should do, and that's why I started the Spread The Joy Challenge on Instagram. For 30 days, we will motivate and challenge each other to give back to our friends, families, coworkers and communities.

Giving Doesn't Have to Cost Money

When people thinking of giving, money often comes to mind. Things cost money. Time, your talents, items you no longer need, volunteering, your expertise, your guidance, phone calls or letters, don't. It's not all about money.

How To Do The Challenge

  • Follow me on Instagram @YoungFreeME
  • Check in every day during the week throughout November, get motivation and ideas to give back
  • Share how you're giving back, tag me @YoungFreeME and use hashtag #SpreadTheJoy for a chance to win $25 every week in November

Take care,