Lessons Learned: Collaboration is key

Collaboration can awaken new ideas and different viewpoints. It inspires creativity and motivates you to do your best work. This year, I collaborated with the Young & Free Maine, credit union staff, my peers, and other Spokesters. Working together towards a common goal and helping each other along the way is key to success.

One of my favorite collaborative projects this year was a video shot by our super talented Spokester Coach, Matt Hawkins. Matt worked with us all year, asking us questions to spark new ideas and giving us assignments that pushed our limits to make us better Spokesters. In Nashville for the Spokester Summit, we had a coaching session with him to learn new video techniques and bounce questions off each other. After, we took to downtown Nashville to create a video. A team of creative individuals conceptualized the idea for the video, and Matt shot the whole thing while the Spokesters worked together to give Matt exciting, interesting and fun things to capture with his camera. This video was the most fun I’ve ever had collaborating on a project. Watch it below.

Collaboration is really part of the credit union philosophy. Credit unions were built on the principle of people helping people. This year, I’ve worked with credit unions to create videos that helped spread awareness of their offerings, I’ve collaborated with other Spokesters to make videos for the Living Young & Free Show that helped Gen Y learn to better manage money, and I’ve shared ideas and created new projects with the help of the Young & Free Maine team. I’ve learned first hand how powerful collaboration can be.

Do you collaborate with others on a daily basis? How does collaboration help YOU create your best work?

Kylie K.