Lessons Learned: Credit Unions get it

I always knew credit unions were a safe place to keep my money. I knew that they offered the products, services and technology that I want and need to manage my finances. I knew a lot about credit unions before starting my job as the Young & Free Maine Spokester, but I had more to learn. This year, I learned that credit unions get it. 

What do you mean, get it?  

Well, It's simple.  

Credit unions were built on the philosophy of people helping people. In a church basement in New Hampshire, the first credit union was born out of need for small loans to members of the community. Credit unions have since outgrown church basements and into financial institutions that continue to help the community every single day. That's it. People helping people. 

Credit unions get it. They know we're human. They know that we want to talk to a human when we have questions, not a machine. They know we like to be greeted by a familiar face and welcomed by first name, not viewed as a number. They know we make mistakes, and they're eager to help us out in a confusing situation. 

Credit unions get it. We're under 25, we're just starting out, and we don't have a lot of money, but the money we do have we worked really hard for. We need someone to help us navigate these sometimes scary and murky waters of loans and interest rates and checking accounts. With accounts like Free4ME and loans for first-timers, credit unions give us a leg up and a head start in the financial world. By powering Young & Free Maine, credit unions give us valuable tools and info to manage our money while supporting our active, on-the-go, plugged-in lifestyle.

Credit unions get it.  

It's one of the most valuable lessons I learned this year. 

What did you learn this year with the help of your credit union? 

Kylie K.