Let's Get Financially Fit

No jokes here! I’m about to kick off a three day Financial Fitness Fair extravaganza. It’s time to get our finances in shape with the help of Maine’s Credit Unions.

For the next three days I’ll be cruising the state in The Green Machine, visiting three high schools as juniors and seniors take on the Financial Fitness Fair. Today I’m just outside of my hometown in Augusta at Cony High School, tomorrow I’ll be at Lake Region High School in Naples bright and early, then I'll make the trip to Marshwood High School in Berwick to finish off this triple crown event.

Financial Fitness Fairs are a great way to learn about personal finance and budgeting before real money and bills are thrown into the mix. Students make their way through the simulation, getting a job, buying a car, finding housing, even picking out clothes, food and entertainment. At the end they balance their budget and have the opportunity to make some changes if they made a few mistakes.

Too bad we can’t make changes in real life, right?

That’s why these Financial Fitness Fairs are so great. It’s a fun way to learn how to manage your finances without having to worry about real money.

Maine’s Credit Unions are dedicated to furthering financial literacy in the state, and FFF are just one of the ways they support this initiative. Learn more about the program and check out all the Financial Fitness Fairs around the state this year at the Maine Credit Union League website. 

If you see me on the road these next few days, give me a honk and a wave! I look forward to helping high school students get financially fit… While handing out some free stuff! Keep in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates from the road and at the events.

Kylie K.