Local, Global, Mobile

What is a credit union? For me, it takes just three words to describe a financial institution with a whole world of opportunities.


Credit unions are local. It’s easy to find a credit union in your town. Some may even be right in your backyard! There’s a credit union just a quick walk from my house so accessing my money is always quick and convenient. Credit unions are also local in the sense that the money stays in your community. Credit unions were founded on the principle of people helping people, and local CUs support charitable organizations, clubs and groups in your community.


You can find a credit union in your town, across the country and even around the globe. The credit union movement is worldwide, giving folks from all walks of life access to financial services and the opportunity to support their dreams.


Credit unions are more than bricks and mortar branches on the street corner. More of Maine’s credit unions are now catering to our need for 24/7 access to our money with mobile apps and online banking. You don’t need a big bank to get the mobile services you want from a financial institution. Credit unions not only compete with those fee-heavy big banks, but they exceed their service to members with products, technology and customer service. All of this with low to no fees and better rates, what’s not to love about a credit union?

Are you a credit union member? What three words would you use to describe your CU?

Kylie K.