Look out for Knock Offs

I'm a fan of finding the best deals around. Generally speaking, I am hesitant to buying something as soon as I see it because I know that it will either go down in price as the year passes, or I can find a better deal someone else. Some people may call it crazy, I call it smart. One thing I will say though, is that sometimes when you find a deal, it is actually too good to be true. There are people who are out there selling knock off versions of the real deal. Yeah that iPhone 5 that hasn't come out yet, but this random guy has one may look really good and at a cheap price, but realistically, it's a big old knock off. Here's a few of the biggest counterfeit items being sold in America.


If you are in the actual clothing store (like a GAP or American Eagle) you're not going to run into a knock off because you're getting the goods right in store. If, however you find yourself at a clothing boutique or flea market, be wary of the clothes you buy. Sure, it may say that the clothing is coming from your favorite store, but double check. Often times you can find differences in quality with the way buttons are sewed on and also the seams of your fabrics. If you frequent one particular store, check and see where your favorite apparel is made. If someone is selling you something similar, but it's made in a different country, chances are it's probably a fake.


I don't always wear cologne...but when I do, I wear Old Spice. No, that's a lie. But seriously, I don't wear cologne very often. I do wear the cheaper stuff because I find it painful spending anymore than 10 bucks on it. If you are someone who wears more expensive scents, don't necessarily jump at the chance of finding the same scent at a significantly cheaper price. Often times the knock offs may smell similar, but also contain various unpleasantries in their chemical makeup. You never know what you'll be spraying on your body. Yikes!


I have been a victim of this unfortunately.I was in Bar Harbor with my lovely fiancée Margaux this past summer when I found some slap bracelet watches! I was quite excited, and at only $10, it was a steal. Well...it was a steal for about a week. Mine decided to die shortly thereafter and Margaux's died a few months past that. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but watches are generally supposed to last more than a few months. I learned my lesson! I should have bought a legitimate slap watch. If you buy a "name brand" watch that is really inexpensive, chances are it's a knock off. Be careful what you purchase because you could end up throwing it in the trash in the not too distant future.

So if you are looking to buy something that costs a little more, it may be worth it to actually front a little bit more money in certain situations. I would much rather spend a few extra dollars on the actual product then to purchase a lesser quality knock off that is going to fall apart or break. Sometimes less isn't more.

Have you been the victim of a knock off?

Seth P.