Macs are Selling for Cheap

Today is my first day back in the swing of things after a lovely little vacation. I'm officially married and now adjusting to a new life! Unfortunately, all vacations must come to an end. The good news for me is that I love my job so it's wonderful being back in the saddle! Here we go!

I was reading up on the Wall Street Journal online, when I cam across a pretty interesting article about Mac computers. If you haven't heard, the lovely folks at Apple recently announced the newest version of the MacBook Pro. Don't get me wrong, I'd be more than excited to get the new MacBook Pro, but considering mine is less than a year old, I'll be okay with not upgrading just yet. Nevertheless, the older (used) MacBooks are being sold online for just a fraction of the cost!

Last time I checked, MacBooks of any kind are really expensive. I also know that many colleges require you to buy a MacBook of some kind if you are going into education, design or most anything else that requires graphics. I know that these computers aren't cheap, so knowing that retail stores online are being flooded by them right now is good news for those looking for a new computer! The article says that a MacBook that was bought for 1000 dollars in 2010 is probably easy to buy for about 250 dollars now online. Talk about a steal!

Why is this happening right now? Well, with new products being released, there are the group of hard core Apple fanatics who upgrade all of their stuff each time a new toy is released. Let's take the iPhone for example. People LOVE when a new version of the iPhone is released. When they first came out, you had to spend crazy amounts of money to use an iPhone. Nowadays, you can find deals where you can get a free iPhone with a two year phone agreement. Granted, they are the third or fourth generation (not the 4S) but a free iPhone that is slightly outdated will still do just about everything the 4S does. The same thing is happening with MacBooks!

Looking to buy a computer? Check out the article, and consider buying a used MacBook. Chances are, you'll probably find a really good deal on one!

Are you a Mac or PC fan?

Seth P.