Maine Startup & Create Week

Entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, and people with big ideas!

Are you ready to be bold and take your business to the next level? What about meeting diverse participants including investors, supporters, and innovators? If you're ready to participate in workshops to develop the necessary skills to start or scale your business or career, it's going to be an info-packed week, so hop on board!

From June 22 - 28, Maine Startup & Create Week in Portland will cover Small Business, Food Innovation, and Scale & Growth topics with over 75 events, including 45 presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, five keynote speakers, and 12 special events. This event will provide invaluable information for small business owners and aspiring small business owners in Maine.

 Just a few of the speakers who will be at the conference! 

Just a few of the speakers who will be at the conference! 

You're Invited! 

This week-long event is designed for startups, small business owners, people who aspire to think big and fulfill big dreams. The focus of this year's conference will be to inspire small business owners to tackle new challenges, take risks, make innovative breakthroughs, and challenge entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs to "scale fast and think big!" 

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