Maine's Credit Unions weather the storm

I'm sure by now, many, if not most of you, are getting back a normal routine after Irene decided to rip through much of the East Coast. While Northern Maine was not greatly affected by the storm, Southern Maine was hit relatively hard, and other states also took a major hit (Vermont was greatly affected by the storm). While it seemed like the media played up Irene and the severity of its power, people in Northern Maine just didn't experience it nearly as badly as many others had. I decided to make a video of the storm for my weekly video.

While I tried to make light of the situation at hand, I also understood the severity of the storm and how it affected people. It led me to ask the question, what would happen to our credit unions if something substantial had happened? Would they be prepared? The answer is they absolutely were. While we were all preparing for the storm, The Maine Credit Union League worked with credit unions to help them prepare.  They held meetings to make sure things were set in place in case something was to happen, sent out a media release to the credit unions to make sure they were ready to assist their members in any situation and reviewed just how prepared they were for the storm. When all was said and done, Irene came and went, and there were minimal problems. Isn't it nice to know your credit union is prepared for the worst?

Here is the video from earlier this week. Like I said, I understand the damage Irene created throughout the East Coast, so I am not making a mockery out of it. In fact, I spent two spring break vacations helping clean up after Hurricane Katrina hit in New Orleans. It's times like these that people need to come together to help one another, and I find that my money is safe and secure in a credit union, even when the inclement weather arrives.

How were you affected by Hurricane Irene?

Seth P.