Make the Most of Your Time

So much to do and so little time to do it. When my schedule gets busy I sometimes lose focus on the things I need to accomplish. I often find myself staring at my bed with longing eyes, just wishing I could crawl in and get some rest. I’m easily distracted when I have the most to do, which only adds to my stress. If only there were a few more hours in each day.

I’ve tried all the usual tips for using my time wisely. I make lists. A lot of them. If list making was an Olympic event, I would be a gold medalist. I take breaks every now and then to refresh my mind. I even turn off the Internet to keep from surfing Pinterest. Still, my productivity seems to be lacking.

In need of a little inspiration, I took to the Internet for ideas to make the most of my time. I found an article on titled Make the Most of Each Day by Romanus Wolter, a speaker and consultant also known as the Kick Start Guy. He wrote Kick Start Your Success and Kick Start Your Dream Business. While the article itself is a little old and was written for entrepreneurs, the tips he gives about making the most of each day are relevant to a wide range of professions. These are my three favorites from the article.

Kick-start your creative can-do attitude every morning

“You are already a maverick who has decided to pursue your dream. Remind yourself to always embrace change with a can-do outlook,” says Wolter. Always remember that a challenge is a chance for “discovery, accomplishment and adventure.” While your schedule may be full and you may face challenges throughout your day, embrace them as a learning experience instead of shutting down and sacrificing productivity.

Incorporate investigating new opportunities into your normal routine

Part of being Spokester is always thinking of new ideas and opportunities to bring the best information to you, Maine’s 18 to 25 crowd, even when time gets tight. By taking time for discovery throughout my day, I open myself to new information and inspiration to keep working my hardest. “Add a sense of wonder and excitement to your day by taking time for discovery,” says Wolter. “This creative brainstorming time, no matter how short, allows innovative ideas to flow and important relationships to form.”

Perform a midday check on yourself, every day

As tasks are added to your to-do list and the day goes flying by, its easy to forget your overall goals. Take a moment each day to evaluate the work you’re doing, the tasks you’ve already accomplished, and what you should complete by the end of the day. Checking in with yourself daily will keep your eye on the prize.

Refreshed and inspired, I’m hitting the ground running this morning, creating the best content and preparing for some big Young & Free Maine things to come.

How do you make the most of your day?

Kylie K.