Make your own marinade!

Back to the basics

Don't waste money on zesty marinades when you can make your own! Get back to the basics with citrus fruits! It's simple, easy and cost effective. Lemons and limes are full of flavor and are under $1 at your local grocery store. Marinading chicken, fish, beef, vegetables, or tofu is great with these two citrus flavors. It's also fun to make your own marinade because you can experiment with adding different flavors. You can add jalapeños for heat or garlic for a full bodied flavor. 

It's all about the basics

  • Step 1: take your desired protein or vegetable and place in large mixing bowl
  • Step 2: cut the lime or lemon in half (or both)
  • Step 3: squeeze citrus over your desired protein or vegetable
  • Step 4: add other flavors like pepper, garlic, basil, chives, chili pepper, etc.
  • Step 5: stir until all protein or vegetables are covered
  • Step 6: let sit for at least 30 minutes - or longer if you have the time! (you can even let it sit over night for more flavor)  

And that's pretty much it. My recent favorite is lemon, black pepper and garlic marinade for grilled chicken. Yum!


Lauren R.