Making Dreams a Reality: Daria Musk’s Story

Today's blog was written by Katy Robinson, who works closely with the Young & Free Maine team. She recently had a unique interaction with Daria Musk, an up and coming musician and credit union member. Be sure not to miss the YouTube video below! 

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining the first ever Google+ Hangout staged at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Daria Musk, a self-made Google+ sensation from Connecticut, was the live performer. This concert was the official launch of a special credit initiative: Empowering people. Amplifying dreams. I have to be honest, before this concert, I had never heard Daria perform. Clearly I have been missing out! She has such amazing talent with an inspiring story behind her rising star.

How $50 Changed Everything

Daria began by playing in small cafés to many empty chairs. It’s a reality that many musicians know far too well. One night, a couple wandered in to the café, gave her their undivided attention, and dropped a $50 bill in her tip jar as they left. Daria didn’t see the $50 until later that evening, and what she got from that $50 was the encouragement she needed to keep going and reach her dream. She lacked contacts, cash, and connections, but that didn’t stop her. 

In 2011, Daria discovered Google+. Using Google+ Hangouts, she would invite her fans and play live concerts for them. Her fan-base has grown to more than 2 million fans worldwide, simply by connecting with them through social media. From empty chairs to more than 2 million fans takes hard work, but Daria accomplished it because she chose to be innovative and find a way to make her dream happen, rather than wait for a miracle.

Credit Unions Represented

It’s almost possible that I loved her event even more due to this video that was played before the Google+ Hangout began. Naturally, I love credit unions, so you can guess my favorite quote of the evening:

“Music belongs to me,

and I belong to a credit union.”

This shows that while she travels, she chooses to do her business with a credit union. You might wonder how it is more convenient than a financial institution with locations across several states. This is how: Daria can use Shared Branching! What this means is that Daria can travel to different states across the country and still connect with her credit union. She just has to visit a credit union participating in Shared Branching, bring state issued identification, her account number, and know the answers to the verification questions, and she is able to complete many fee free transactions. To find a Shared Branching location near your travel destination, check out this shared branching locator.

Daria sparkled up on stage, with her energy and passion shining through. As a tribute to her fans tuning in via Google+ Hangout, if they opted in, they could be shown on the screen behind her, allowing them to be seen and interact with her and the crowd by dancing, creating signs, or just smiling along to her performance. It was a wonderful tribute to her dedicated fans around the world. In fact, her commitment and loyalty to her fans reminded me of the commitment and loyalty credit unions have to their members. It’s a great time to join a credit union and find out for yourself how much they commit to their members! 


A big thanks to Katy Robinson for sharing her insight!

Be well, 

Lauren R.