Making Money With Your YouTube Videos

As someone who is required to make a YouTube video every week for this position, I found that there are interesting ways to use your YouTube channel and popular videos to make some money. In fact, one of the things we bring up in some of our credit union meetings is how to better reach the 18-25 year olds of America. I see no better way than using YouTube to get the word out about all of our awesomeness. In catching up on the weekend news, I came across an interesting article from Yahoo! Finance which talked about using your YouTube videos to make some cash on the side. Here are some of the things they said you can do to make money off your video.

Make a video that people look at

The first step of making money is having a video that people actually view, and will view consistently. Most people call these viral videos. I'm sure you've all seen a viral video at some point in time. These videos can range anywhere from a super sweet music video to random home videos of people on novacane (Is this real life?). It's really hard to make a viral video, or a video that people will watch because you never really know what is going to be popular. Obviously things that are make certain videos really cool. Making fun of another product (satire), a really talented 4 year old playing an instrument, being famous...all that. It's kind of a crapshoot when all is said and done, but if you make it right, you could get a video that brings tons of views to your channel.

Have YouTube contact you

If your video starts to take off in a big way (Hundreds of thousands or millions of views), chances are, YouTube will contact you to play ads in front of your uploaded video. This way, when people go to your site, they will watch an ad before seeing your clip. This helps them make money, and they also pay you to place ads on your clip. If your video stays popular, you can make some serious cash. The "David After Dentist" video I posted above, has made the family about 100k since it has been up. That's quite the hunk of change for filming your kid after a trip to the dentist.

Appear on television

I'm not talking about local news. I mean getting national attention and being paid for having your video hit national tv. I know it's a little far fetched, but you never know who is watching your videos and when they will call you. From what I can see, Ellen DeGeneres has eyes just about everywhere, and she's always finding new talented people or hilarious clips on YouTube. She also helps people get the break they need. Take Mike Tompkins for example. He is an amazingly talented musician who takes songs and covers them. He makes all of the musical instrument noises with his voice. It's amazingly impressive and something I am glad I found early on. While it took him a while to get noticed, he recreated the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Ellen noticed it, brought him onto her show and his fame took off. You don't have to be a singer to get noticed though. Many videos have been brought to the public's eye, and millions of Youtube hits have followed. Take double dream hands for example. It is one of the weirdest videos, but people love it...and maybe I'll learn it for you and perform it for a weekly video!

For a full list of how to make your YouTube video pay you, read the whole article here. You never know what video you post may make you a little extra cash!

What's the most views you have gotten from one video?

Seth P.