Mark Cuban's Rules for Making Money as a Student

I'm a huge fan of the ABC show, Shark Tank. If you haven't watched it, you need to. People take their business ideas and products they have come up with and pitch it to a bunch of "sharks". They are filthy rich moguls who started their own businesses, or became rich using different methods. Most of them had businesses and sold them for crazy amounts of money. One of the most intriguing men on the Shark Tank show is Mark Cuban, crazy millionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Now, one of my favorite sites to look at each day is business insider. Cuban happened to write a special article today entitled, "Two Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student". Of course I clicked on it and wanted to see what tips he had for the struggling high school and college kids. Here are the two things he said can help make you a few bucks here and there, and it takes little time and effort. Granted, these are not permanent jobs, but it could help you in the future. Here's what good old Mr. Cuban has to say!


The first thing Cuban says that can earn you some quick cash is buying a bunch of shoelaces with your school's team colors on them. Think about it. Plain old shoelaces don't cost that much. If you get generic shoelaces, you can probably purchase them for about two bucks. After you've done that, set up shop outside different sporting events, flea markets, yard sales or anything else you can think of, and offer to re-lace people's shoes with their school colors. He says to charge something like 10 dollars at high school games per pair, and up to 20 a pair at college events. Cuban says,

"I guarantee you that if you go to the parking lot of any high school or college football game with a bunch of shoelaces in team colors that you bought for 2 bucks a pop, and put up a sign and 2 chairs, you can make money". 

Pretty bold statement right there! So there's the first idea from Mark Cuban himself. What is the second one?

All-in-one-TV Remotes

The second way a student can make easy money is to do some research on which all-in-one-TV remotes are being sold at local businesses (Best Buy, Wal Mart for example), find out which remotes are the best sellers and become the best programmer out there. Think about how annoying it can be trying to figure out a new remote. If you have someone who is already a whiz at it, having he or she come into your house and setting it up for you for only a few dollars could be worth your money. Cuban says to stand outside and to pass out business cards to people who are going inside. Let them know that you are a really good remote programmer and shortly thereafter, you will find that people will be hiring you to set up the remote! Cuban said it, so it has to be good advice, right?

So here's where you come in. Far be it from me to say that Cuban is a nut job and these ideas are nuts, but I am curious to hear what you think! Do you think either of these ideas could be successes in Maine? Would it be something you would try, or would you stick to something more consistent. Sometimes people like spontaneity and it could lead to another job depending on who you meet! What's your thought? Read the article and let me know!

Do you think selling shoelaces or programming remotes could make you a few dollars as a student?

Seth P.