Money Monday: Dating & Debt

My friend and fellow Spokester, Vicky from Young & Free Michigan wrote an awesome article about love & money. I thought I'd share some of her wisdom and a thought-provoking video on the issue. 

Would you date someone in debt? 

Remember that Jennifer Lopez track, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" circa 2000? Well I'm not so sure she was right about that. From what I know about my own life and my own relationship, it does cost money.

Buying gifts, taking each other out on dates, planning trips, buying a future home together; that all adds up. Even though it’s hard to talk about, relationships really are affected by finances. And being young adults, we already don’t have that much to spare. This brings up the question: When it comes to love, does money matter? And would you ever date someone in debt?

Those are two very tough questions and every person has their own take and their own answer. Personally, I don't believe having more money as a couple will make you happier. It may allow you to vacation every winter, but that won't solve all your problems. I believe that dating someone with similar finical goals is the key

If you want to save for a house but your partner keeps unnecessary purchases and doesn't see an issue with it, you probably don't have similar financial goals. 

Talk about this with your partner, do you have similar goals? Do you have the same philosophy on spending? What about saving? For me, I am yet to have this conversation with my boyfriend. He's finishing his last year of school, so I can imagine this will be a discussion we'll have in the near future.

Melissa Leong from The Financial Post had the chance to interview people, asking them, “would you date someone in debt?”

It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stance on the issue.  Check it out below:

Happy Monday, 

Lauren R.