Money Monday: The Fair on a Budget

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Today I'll be trekking back to my home town for the Fryeburg Fair. People come from far and wide to attend the week long event, set up booths, and show their livestock. The fair, located in the small town of Fryeburg set in the foothills of the White Mountains Western Maine, is the largest agricultural fair in state. 

The fair features livestock shows, harness racing, horse pulling, antique farm and forestry equipment displays and demonstrations. The week long event attracts 300,000 people annually.

Knowing how large of event this, you can imagine going to the fair gets pricey. But since today isn't my first rodeo, I'll give you some tips!


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Don't pay for parking. Dishing out cash before you make it into the fair grounds can make you feel sad. But finding side roads or free parking is not impossible. Going earlier in the day or later at night will get you better free parking options. Make sure you wear good sturdy shoes knowing you'll be walking around a lot!


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Walk around before diving into any one thing. Around every corner is another tasty treat. I've been to the fair many, many times and I usually get the same things to eat: blueberry or apple crisp and a blooming onion. However, I still always walk around pondering if I'll try something new before I commit to an entire blooming onion.


I highly suggest avoiding the games all together. Stand around long enough and you'll realize not too many people end up winning those games. So please, take it from me... don't play the games!



 Lauren R.