Money Monday: Five Reasons I Love Being A Credit Union Member

There is no denying I love being a credit union member. But it's not just because I'm the Young & Free Maine Spokester and I'm supposed to say that. So why do I love being a credit union member so much? Here are five simple, honest, and awesome reasons I love being a credit union member and why you will love it too!

Personal touch

First and foremost, credit unions are comfortable to be in. I feel at ease and comfortable when I go into my credit union or any of Maine's Credit Unions.

I love the fact the tellers know me by name at the Portland branch I frequent. The frontline staff is always friendly and helpful when I have questions. Credit union staff try to make banking an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

Shared branching

When I'm traveling around Maine, New England, or around the United States I can find credit unions that share their branches to make things convenient and easy for me! Credit unions that participate in shared branching literally share their branches! If I'm in Aroostook County and I need to cash a check or make a withdrawal I can do that even if I'm not a member at one of the credit unions in that area. 

Shared branching is great for college kids because you can take your credit union with you to school! When you're a CU member, you don't have to change your financial institution. You can just use the one closest to you for the time being (this is probably one of my favorite benefits of credit union membership).

To find one of Maine's Credit Unions in the shared branch network, click here. Looking for a CUs across the nation? Click here

Super low rates

Whether you're looking for a car loan, a mortgage, or a credit card chances are your local credit union is a great place to start looking. Credit unions are known for typically having lower rates on loans. And with shared branching, why not check out a few credit unions in your area

My sister transferred her credit card balance to her credit union after she found out I signed up for my first credit card through my CU. She saw the low interest rate I was being charged and didn't waste another minute. She called her credit card company and said, hasta la vista!

Online banking

Maine's Credit Unions are up with times and technology. I use my online banking and mobile banking every day! Credit unions make banking easy. I can check my account, pay bills, and make transfers online. Most credit unions in Maine also have mobile banking so you can manage your money from wherever you are. Plus, select credit unions in Maine offer remote check deposit where you can take a picture of a check to deposit it into your account. 

SURF ATM network use

Another great thing about Maine's Credit Unions is that you won't get charged when using ATMs within the surcharge-free network – known as the SURF ATM Network. Maine's Credit Union's work together to bring their members surcharge free ATM use in our state. There are more than 230 SURF ATMs – the largest surcharge-free ATM network in Maine! That means you don't get charged when you're trying to access your own money!

Want to find a SURF ATM near you? Click here

Be well, 

Lauren R.