Money Monday: Making Household Items Last Longer

You know what's really annoying? Going to the store and having to spend like, $50+ on all the boring household stuff you just ran out of at once like toilet paper, trash bags, aluminum foil and Q-tips...ugh, I hate it when that happens but I've learned a few ways to make sure there are at least LONGER periods of time between when it does!


Here are 5 easy ways to make some normal household stuff last longer: 

  1. Dilute it. Add water to hand soap and saline solution to mascara to make them last longer!
  2. Seal it. Put leftovers or produce in a Ziploc container or something that actually seals closed to juice another day or two out of the time you can still eat it without immediately then throwing it back up!
  3. Fix it. Did a button pop off of something or did your lamp stop working? Sew that button back on and check out Rob's tutorial for how to fix a lamp before you decide to just scrap it!
  4. Cover it. Putting aluminum foil on baking sheets when we bake meats or pizzas keeps us from having to wash the pan every time! Also, at the store you can get cool plastic inserts for your crock pot that you just pull out and throw away after you make your delicious meal - no more 8-hours-baked-on mess!
  5. Simply USE LESS. Do you really need 2 hands full of toilet paper each time you go to the bathroom? Or to leave the water running while you brush your teeth? (guilty...) Though I still have a habit of tearing even my Orbit gum in halffrom when I was a totally poor but complete gum addict in college...the same withdryer sheets, especially for smaller loads of laundry.

So those are some of my hacks for getting longer life out of the things I use regularly around my house. What are some hacks you have to prevent those 11:30-at-night Walmart runs for toilet paper or toothpaste??

Keep rockin'!

Lauren R.