Money Monday: Save Up For a Getaway

Getting sick of the long winters in Maine? Need a break? 


Whether your perfect getaway is a tropic oasis, camping in the mountains, or a road trip across country there are ways to make your dream vacation a reality. You just have to have plan ahead, have patience, and save your money!

I'm currently on my way to Key West, Florida. I'm excited I don't have to shovel, chip ice, or dig out my car for an entire week. However, I knew I was going on vacation since last year, so I've had a whole year to plan, prepare and save for this week.

Maybe a vacation this year isn't in the cards, but it's never too early to start saving a for a vacation next year (or maybe even two years from now). 

Club accounts

Ask about club accounts at your credit union! It's a separate account from your main savings account and allows you to save money all year round for something special. If you're like me and love to travel, a savings account dedicated to traveling is the perfect thing to do!

Once you open your club account, start making payments to it with every paycheck you get. Depending on the week (and what expenses are due) I'll transfer anything from $20 to $75 into my club account. This allows me to see my vacation fund grow on a weekly basis. Which means all the more fun I get to have!

There are no fees for the club account and when you go to pay for your trip just transfer the money to your debit card. It is as simple as that!

Start planning your next trip!

So you opened the club account, started saving money... now what? If you don't have any set destination in mind, watch the video below for some serious trip-planning inspiration. These are some great trips to try to fit in while you're in your 20s:

Be well, 

Lauren R.