Monique: Thank You!

Since being chosen as a finalist for Young and Free Maine on May 20th, life has been pretty wild!  The last day of voting (June 6th) and the announcement of the spokesperson on June 17th seemed SO far away…I thought I might die of anticipation!  Now, voting ends in just 48 hours and all I can think is how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to be finalist! 

I also want to thank you…you, oh – and YOU for supporting me throughout this process.  It’s important for me to recognize those who have voted for me, campaigned for me and believed in my efforts from the very beginning.  When I first found out about Young and Free and how it was a successful movement that was slowly creeping across North America, I got pretty excited.  Finally, there was something that people our age could turn to for a little guidance.  Young and Free Maine means we don’t’ have to figure out the financial woes of life completely on our own.  We have each other and some wicked smart financiers willing to dish out what they know.  I believed in it from the beginning and dove in because I saw that it can help us. 

So here’s to the last 48 hours of campaigning, voting and spreading the word about Young and Free Maine!

OWN being young and ALWAYS stay free!