More Uses for Everyday Household Items

Happy Wednesday to you all! It's a sunny day outside and I feel like I can smell springtime just around the corner. It may, however, be the person eating Pad Thai next to me. OH MAN IT SMELLS GOOD! In the interest of spring approaching fast and people looking at ways to save some more cash to go on vacations and what not, I decided to do a blog on ways to use household items to save yourself a little green. Consider this part two of my saving money around the house. I did a part one a few months back. Here we go!


Vinegar is one of those items that reminds me of unpleasant dirty feet. For some reason my feet smell like vinegar. I did not know, however, that it is actually one of the best cleaners you can get your hands on! If you take about a quarter of a cup of vinegar (I'd stick with regular and not apple cider) and add three cups of water, you have yourself one of the best cleaners for your house! Not only is it cheap, it's a multipurpose cleaner. You can move from porcelain to chrome and over to glass with no problems at all! Some cleaners only allow you to use on certain surfaces. This simple concoction is simple to use in just about every room.

Baking Soda

I've talked about baking soda in the past with it being an antacid and a good addition to your laundry. It is also a great odor absorber in your fridge. Did you know that it can be used to neutralize odors in your carpet? If you sprinkle a light layer of baking soda around your carpets and then vacuum after about thirty minutes, the smells will be lifted and your house will smell clean once again! Ran out of your exfoliating scrub? That's okay too! Take some baking soda and mix with water. It works as a great exfoliator for your face.


Apparently, beer is not jus for drinking. It actually has some really great practical uses. If you are trying to restore the shine back into your hair, use a beer rinse...I know it sounds crazy, but after shampooing, use half a can of beer and pour it over wet hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Yes, your hair will smell funky, but the B-vitamins in the beer actually help restore that lovely shine you once had. It could be a good way to get rid of all that leftover beer from your Super Bowl party! The acidity of beer can also be used to polish metals. Use some flat beer to polish your metals and remove tarnish from them as well. Cheers!

Dryer Sheets

Use them in your dryer to make your clothes smell good (duh). Take a fresh dryer sheet and put it in your clothes drawers. It will ensure that your clean clothes still smell fresh. Do you know what else dryer sheets are good for? Apparently they work as a great windshield bug scraper when needed. Do you have curly hair like me? On humid days when your hair is going nuts, take a dryer sheet and rub it over your head. It will kill the frizzy hair and keep the fly away hairs from happening. Who know?

For a full list of other fun ways to save some money, check out this article from Business Insider. It's definitely worthy your time (after you read mine of course). Heck yes to saving money!

What multipurpose items do you keep handy?

Seth P.