Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I was thinking about what to write about today, and then realized that Mother's Day is just around the corner! This Sunday, May 13, we will be celebrating our mothers and letting her know how much we appreciate her. I have the craziness of having my mom's birthday on May fifth, which typically is right behind Mother's Day so it becomes a little hectic. Generally I do it all in one swoop to make gift buying a little easier. Today we are going to discuss some options in what to get your mom this year for Mother's Day. What are gifts she will appreciate? Well...


This is a given. Unless your mother is allergic to flowers, you should probably at least start with a nice bouquet of roses, tulips, daisies or other fun flower. Make sure you get an arrangement that doesn't look like it was thrown together in the last minute. Want to make a lasting impression on your mom? Pick the flowers yourself! Nothing says, "I love you mom", quite like going and actually taking the initiative of picking your own flowers. My mom is a gardener so I tend to buy flowers that can be planted later. SCORE!

Gift Card

Maybe you have no idea what to get your mom, and a gift card could be the best case scenario. She gets to spend it how she wants and you get to not spend hours coming up with a creative gift. I will warn you that you cannot stop at merely the gift card. I would buy her a nice thoughtful card as well and write a note saying how much you love your mom. Boom, instant heart melt and your mom will love you even more!


This is self explanatory. Get good chocolate...none of that Russell Stover business. Take the time to pick out an awesome array of tasty chocolates. Your mom will be grateful.

Spa Day

What mom doesn't like to be pampered once in a while? Treat her to a day at the spa for a massage and mani/pedi. It's a great way to let your mom take a "me day" and enjoy some relaxation on your dime.

Fat Burning Workout DVD


What do you get your mom for Mother's Day?

Seth P.