The Maine Moxie Festival

Maine's Main Beverage 

Saturday, July 11th, was the day to celebrate Maine's main drink, Moxie! One of Maine's free summer events, the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls attracted Moxie lovers from across Maine, the U.S. and abroad. 

As one of's "25+ can't-miss summer events in Maine," the Moxie Fest brought Moxie chuggers, bakers, ice cream makers, and Moxie antique collectors together for a day of celebration! 

 Photo Credit:  Press Herald 

Photo Credit:  Press Herald 

Free + Festivals = Money-Spending Madness 

While the festival was free for attendees, leaving with a hole in your wallet was a breeze. From antique Moxie collectibles and t-shirts, to Moxie jams, drinks and ice cream, there were plenty of chances to spend a dollar. And, with signs pointing at you from all directions, telling you to "Drink Moxie," it was hard to escape the famous Maine beverage. Succumbing to the pressure to "Drink Moxie," in some form, was inevitable.

So, how do you resist the temptation to "Drink Moxie," and spend your paycheck at a festival that was supposed to be free? Well, if you don't like the taste of Moxie (which many Mainers don't) then you're in luck. But, there still remain multiple opportunities for you to spend some cash.

The food, for one, is priced ridiculously high. If you know you'll be at a festival all day, pack your own beverages and lunch. Or, grab a bite to eat off of festival grounds. You'll save a few dollars that way. 

Also, avoid purchasing over-priced paraphernalia, and beware of the impulse buy. At festivals, you're in the "here and now," and with streets lined with vendors, it's easy to get persuaded by unique craftsmanship (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with) just this item something that you truly want, or otherwise would have purchased? 

To limit your spending, bring only a certain amount of cash so you are forced to think about what you're buying and spending.

Maine's summer festivals are a great way to get out into the community, and enjoy Maine's culture. They are also a great way to explore new parts of Maine, and experience Maine's unique agriculture, crafts, and activities. If Moxie does not float your fancy, Maine has more to offer. This week, until July 19th, the Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Fairfield celebrates Maine's delicious potatoes. Come up to the beautiful county, enjoy the outdoors, and experience mashed potato wrestling! 

Take care!