Music Monday: Crank Up The Tunes

I accompanied my friend this weekend when he needed to make a visit to his wireless cell phone provider to upgrade his phone. As I'm sure you all know going to your wireless cellular provider is never an easy task and it always takes longer than you think it should.

While he was waiting around talking to the sales associates, I walked around aimlessly looking at all the gadgets they had to offer. And a certain something caught me eye: Bluetooth speakers. 

It's not super new technology, but it's a darn good idea. Now that iPhones don't all have the same streamlined charging cable, it can be hard (or just plain impossible) to play music on speakers with a docking component. And if you don't have Apple products, forget about it!

So, I was determined to find out what the best bang for your buck is. If you are in the market to turn up the tunes, take a look at the top 5 Blutetooth Speakers under $100:

If you need some new tunes to listen to in the meantime, go to Young & Free Maine to discover 26 of Maine's young and talented musicians. The Sound Off Music Competition is now the voting phase and these 26 musicians need public votes to help win some fabulous prizes! The top five vote-getters at the end of the voting phase will be invited to a live audition who in front of a panel of judges who will determine the top three winners! The prizes are unbelievable and include a $1,000 gift certificate to Main Street Music Studios in Bangor, live performances at KahBang and feature interviews to be publish on Young & Free Maine. 

So help these guys out! Listen to new music at Young & Free Maine, pick your favorite, and vote!

Good luck, 

Lauren R.