Musicians Found on Youtube

I know a fair amount of gifted and talented musicians. There are definitely some I know that could make a professional career out of it if they got the chance. Others do it more for the fun of it. I'm not sure where you fall in that category, but you may feel that your music is awesome and you deserve a shot in the limelight. Well, one of the ways to get noticed is to upload your groovy tunes on YouTube. You'd be surprised what could happen if you upload your music and someone finds it interesting. There have actually been a number of many talented musicians who were discovered on YouTube. Here's a few that I absolutely love!

Mike Tompkins

I found out about Mike Tompkins on the Sports Illustrated website believe it or not. Mike Tompkins takes top hits from past and present and recreates them using only his voice. He records the separate tracks with his voice and then sings over it. It's pretty much the most beautiful thing ever. After being discovered by Ellen, he helped Timberland out on one of his albums. He recently covered Coldplay's Paradise. SO GOOD!

Julia Nunes

I don't know how I came across Julia Nunes, but her music is just lovely. She mainly plays ukulele and also a guitar from time to time. I started listening to her before she became overly popular, and have enjoyed her ever since. She has a pretty good mix of covers and originals and has been to various events like Bonnaroo and performed with Ben Folds on more than one occasion. Now if we could only get her to Kah Bang! Wouldn't it be fun to have her at Kah Bang? Wouldn't it be fun as a musician to play at Kah Bang? Mmmm!

Justin Bieber

Baby baby...NOOOOOO! Yeah... believe it or not, Justin Bieber was actually discovered by Usher on YouTube! How crazy is that? It makes me feel a little more inspired to put out some of my original music. I mean, I don't sound like a girl, but it's worth a shot!

Here's a list of eight musicians who found their fame on YouTube. There is a ton of talent on the web (and lots of awful music too) and a lot of it is worth checking out. If "Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife" can be a YouTube music sensation, I have a feeling your music may be as well!If you're a musician, post some of it on YouTube! You never know who is going to be watching.

What bands/musicians have you discovered on YouTube?

Seth P.