My little brother uses shared branching

I love my little brother. I love him even more now that he's a credit union member. 


This is Nick. He's 21 now but he'll always be my little brother. He made me a very proud sister and Young & Free Maine spokester when he joined a credit union a few months ago. He made the switch after his bank charged too many fees and placed inconvenient restrictions on his account. He wasn't allowed to walk into his bank for help. He could only use an ATM or teller machine outside. If he needed personal assistance from someone, he was charged for it. Yikes!

Nick's been enjoying the benefits of being a credit union member for several months by going into a local branch where he goes to school. For the last three weeks he's been on winter break, so he's back at Dad's house for the time being. He needed to access his money while he was home, so he decided to use the awesome shared branching network.

After using shared branching for the first time, Nick was super excited to share his experience with me. 

"It was really easy, actually. I felt like I was at my regular credit union. I got to do all the same transactions while I was home on break and of course there was no fee at all. It's nice knowing that no matter where I go I can find a credit union service center to help me do some shared branching."

I'm such a proud big sister!

Do you need to access your money while home on break, on vacation or simply out of town? If your credit union is part of the shared branching network, you can! Just remember these things and you'll be accessing your money at a friendly credit union in no time.

  1. Locate a CU Service Center in Maine or across the nation.
  2. Visit the branch with the name of your credit union, your account number, and a photo ID. 
  3. Access your money. It's that simple.

Have you used shared branching recently? 

Kylie K.