My New Hero

Today I met my new hero. I don't have many in this life, but if I turn out to be anything like Brenda Davis of Crossroads Ministries, I'll feel accomplished. This morning was unlike any other morning since starting Young and Free. Yes, I have had to get up early to go places, but most of the time I am driving. Today I got up and headed to Hermon to start the last leg of Brenda Davis' walk across Maine to help raise awareness and end hunger in Maine. I got to interview Brenda earlier this month when I was in Calais and Machias. Today I got to actually experience a day in the life of Brenda.

Like I said, we started at about 8:30 in the morning in Hermon, and started our trek towards Hampden. We took a brief stop at Changing Seasons CU in Hampden, and continued onward. In the end, we walked about eight miles and finished at Maine Savings CU in Hampden. This was Brenda's tenth year walking across Maine. She walks around Maine to help promote awareness for feeding the hungry and to also raise funds for different food pantries and cupboards around the state. Each year, she raises several thousand dollars to help feed less fortunate families.

Now, as I write this, I can be completely honest with you and say that I am rather sore. Blogging every day doesn't necessarily get me out and active as much as I would like, but I do what I can. Brenda started walking across Maine at the beginning of November and has walked nearly every day (Monday-Friday) through the entire month. Many times she walks somewhere around 10-15 miles each day (and maybe even more). Oh, and did I mention that Brenda is in her 60s? I cannot tell you how inspirational this woman is, and how she has impacted my life in a short amount of time.

So what have I learned today? Well, I learned that I want to be able to walk and move like Brenda does when I am her age. I want to have a sense of humor like she does as well. We walked through about two hours of rain to start off the morning and she didn't skip a beat. She was positive and cracked jokes to help make the time go by faster. I have also learned that one person can do amazing things and change communities as long as he or she has a dream. So thank you Brenda! You have fast become one of my new heroes.

Seth P.