Netflix is Keeping its Name

You may have heard that recently, Netflix had decided to start charging a separate fee to stream videos on their site. This came to the dismay of many people, and caused a very large amount of unpleasant people who demanded an explanation. Well, the folks at Netflix decided to create an apology video and post it to Youtube, in hopes that they would clear the air about some of the changes that were about to happen. The video explained that Netflix would still offer the streamed videos at a low monthly rate, but the DVD portion of the company was about to branch off and become its own separate group. The name of the company was going to be called Qwikster. It was essentially the same as the Netflix of old, without the streaming videos. Well, apparently that idea was not help onto for long because Netflix announced today that the initial plan of branching off into two companies is no longer happening.

I have to be honest. I don't use Netflix, but I know a lot of people who are using it, and were upset at the initial increased price on using streamed media. I don't really understand why Netflix decided to offer streamed video along with DVDs at no additional charge and then decide to charge their customers more for the same service. (Sounds a lot like Bank of America if you ask me!). I wonder how many customers they lost as a result of charging more for the same services.

I'm curious as to what your thoughts are on the situation. Do you use Netflix, were you surprised when they started charging more for the same services, and do you think their flip flopping decisions will affect them in the long run? Will this hurt Netflix?

PS, Happy Columbus Day!

Seth P.