New Years Resolutions

Woah! It's 2012! *confetti flies* First off, Happy New Year! Let's hope those crazy Mayans weren't right and we have years left of living. Hopefully you all had lovely New Years Eve parties and celebrated the new year in style. I had sushi with Margaux, my lovely fiancée, and we watched a movie. Sushi and a movie, what could be a better way to welcome 2012? I don't think I could have chosen a better way! Okay...back to business

This year, like any other year, most people have made different resolutions both big and small. It could be something small like being able to enjoy the simple moments of life, or something big like...well...think of something big. When I was younger, I always joked that I wanted to kiss a girl and that was my New Years resolution. This year, I have a few of my own, both big and small. Personally, I would like to start drinking more water, get back to my original weight before I started Young and Free (I've since gained around 10 pounds. Blogging apparently does not burn many calories. Go Figure!) and I would also like to play my guitar more this year. All three are definitely obtainable, and hopefully I will be able to succeed with all three. Heck, even one out of three would make me happy. I was curious as to what some of the biggest resolutions of 2012 were, and found this article about some of the things people want to accomplish this year. Here's a few that stuck out to me!

Lose Weight

I can relate to this. Don't we all want to drop just a few pounds? Generally speaking, the first few weeks/month of the new year tend to flood gyms with new people looking to get into shape. If you are someone who is legitimately dedicated to getting fit and losing weight, don't fret over the tons of people who are out at the gym. Many will stop going and it won't be as busy as it is now. Also, losing weight doesn't necessarily mean having to change much about what you are doing right now. I lost weight by cutting out fast food, making my own meals and occasionally going out and being active outside. Boom!

Spend Less, Save More

What a great idea! Here is what I have found. We (Gen Y) spend money on lots of small things and also buy things that we don't necessarily need. I buy coffee rather than make coffee. I could save tons of money each year if I brewed it myself. How do we spend less money and save more? Make food at home instead of going out to eat. Cut back on impulse buys and think about what you are buying before you get it. Find cheaper alternatives to what you are using right now (cheaper cell phone plan, cutting out cable/satellite, brewing your own coffee, etc...) Be creative! You may find that saving money isn't as tough as it seems.

Fall in Love

Check! Thanks Margaux!

Help Others Fulfill Their Dreams

I think this a great idea. We all know people who have a dream whether big or small. Why not dedicate one of your resolutions to helping your friend (or complete stranger for that matter) in making one of their dreams come true! While this wasn't one of my original resolutions, I am definitely going to add this to my list.

The good news is that we still have 363 days left of 2012 so if you haven't started pursuing your goal, you still have tons of time. Let's make 2012 an awesome year!

What are your resolutions?

Seth P.