NFL Lockout Almost Ended

Disclaimer: Today's blog post is about sports. Don't tune out if you are not a sports fan. It's still pertinent to your life. 

I'm a huge sports buff. If it includes a ball or a puck of some kind, I'm probably a fan. I love going to Red Sox games through the season and singing Sweet Caroline in the 8th inning of each games. Good times never seemed so good (so good so good so good). I'm also a huge football fan, and believe it or not, my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. I got to see my first Packers game this past December with my father. It was quite the experience, and even though I nearly froze to death, I had a blast. Fast forward past the Superbowl (yes, the Packers won) and on March 11 at 11:59 PM, the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement expired and the league went into lockout mode. Here we are 129 days later, and the lockout is still going on, but the good news is, it should be ending within two or three days. Can I get an AMEN!

You may be asking yourself how this really affects your life and what it means to America. Well, for starters, it means I can enjoy Sundays yet again this year by watching football all day, and seeing my beloved Packers defend their title (Darryl of YFSC will also be doing the same). It also means that Americans all over the country will benefit fiscally in the midst of all this. Believe it or not, the NFL raked in somewhere around $9 billion last year in revenues. Let me say that again. The NFL accounted for $9 billion when all was said and done at the end of the year. That's quite a hefty chunk of change if you ask me. Granted, a lot of this money goes towards the players, coaches and owners, but when you really think about it, America needs a football season.

"Wait...did he just say that America NEEDS football?"

Yes, yes I did. You may argue with me, but football is America's most favorite sport by far. Sure, NASCAR is the most highly attended sport in the country, but football brings in the most revenue across the board. Think about everything that goes into a football NFL season. Ticket sales, concessions, advertisements, souvenirs and jerseys are just a small part of sales in the NFL. There are so many different ways that professional sports keep people employed, whether it's a janitor at the stadium or the person pouring the beverages at the game. Let's not forget what happens away from the stadium itself.

Restaurants and bars often times have specials during games which entices customers to eat at their establishment. Many companies advertise their products on TV throughout the game because more people watch on game day. Without Sunday football, advertising companies would be hurting because of the inability to air their promotions to target audiences. I could go on and on about different businesses and employees who would be greatly effected by the absence of an NFL season, but you get the idea. Without the NFL, the fall would not only be a relatively boring time of the year on Sunday afternoons (for me anyway), but America's economy could also take a hit from it. I just hope that the deal actually gets closed this week and I'll be cheering on my team once September rolls around. Go Pack Go!

Are you looking forward to the lockout hopefully ending this week?

Seth P.