Ochocinco's Guide to Twitter

I have something to admit to you. Even though I have been using Twitter for some time now, I still don't fully grasp how to attract followers or get people excited about what you post. I generally try and post questions and links that I have found are interesting but I still feel like I am more in my element with Facebook. Still, figuring out how to use Twitter in a way that increases followers and gets people excited about what you are tweeting is important to anyone who uses the website. If you are a sports buff/Patriots fan, you more than likely know about Chad Ochocinco and all of his crazy shenanigans. He may not have as many touchdowns as years past, but he is absolutely destroying it on Twitter. He has a following of over three million people and was actually asked to speak at Emerson College in Massachusetts recently about how he built his Twitter entourage. He brought up some really great points, so I decided to share some of them with you. Here they are!

Be Creative

I try to mix it up with my tweets and get people looking at what I have to say when I send out my posts. If you're someone who follows a lot of people, many tweets can get left in the dust if they look normal. Make sure you are creative with the things you post, whether it's thought provoking, a fun picture of something or just a random tweet that makes people laugh. I'm not saying don't tweet about your meals, but at the same time, people will probably respond more to a post that has some amount of meaning rather than something that reads, "Just ate a ham and cheese #delicious!"

Respond With Witty Comments

Sometimes people tweet unpleasant things to you because they disagree with what you've posted or they are just trying to stir up trouble. Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with this too much (mostly it's frightening spammers) but it is something you may have to deal with at some point if you get a following. You can choose to ignore the negativity, or you can also respond with a witty comeback. According to Ochocinco, followers enjoy seeing witty tweets and responses and often times they will back you on your quest. You may even land a few new followers as a result. Ochocinco had a great response today to someone who asked him why he didn't celebrate his touchdown this past Sunday. His response? "I did celebrate. That 1 was called the Belichick." @ochocinco. Brilliant

Your Account is Yours and Yours Alone

Ochocinco says don't let people take over your Twitter accounts. Everything that the New England WR posts is his own. Often times people who have a large following will have more than one person posting their content. Ochocinco is adamant about not letting other people use your account. If you are the only one posting, people will appreciate the fact that nobody else is accessing your account. They can feel a special connection to you when you retweet or respond to them because it's actually you and not a coworker or friend of yours.

Now, I imagine not many of you have over a million twitter followers (and if you do I'd like to know how you did it) but I found these to be good points from Ochocinco. I also realize that most of you are not celebrities so followers may be a little harder to come by, but I still encourage you to try some of these trips from the New England WR. I just may try some of these tricks and see where it gets me!

What do you do to increase your Twitter following?

Seth P.