"30" Is Not The New "20"

Caressa, a fellow Spokester from St. Louis shared a thought-provoking TED Talk about being in your 20s. It's a 15 minute video, but it was worth sharing. 

Growing up is scary. And realizing there is so much life ahead of us is overwhelming. We are starting to think about our future relationships, jobs, and even kids.

For some of us, growing up is so scary that we try to avoid doing it all together and no one is really forcing us to either. We end up reverting back to a place of comfort by living with our parents. We end up extending our high school years rather than getting a head start on our adulthood.

Clinical Psychologist, Meg Jay, explains that this is not the time to slough off. We have been given a little extra time to grow and should use it.

Being in your 20's is often seen as an extended adolescence, however these years are crucial stepping stones into the rest of adulthood. Meg Jay even says that the 20 something years are the defining decade of adulthood. 

Hope this video inspires you to be the best possible you so you can continue to be that awesome person as you get older!


Be well,

Lauren R.