On the Road: Taking a Southern Detour!

Nashville, Tennessee


There's been a slight detour in the Young & Free On the Road: College Style tour! I'm no where near college campuses in Maine actually. I'm in Tennessee y'all!  Yes, I know I won't be able to surprise college students with free stuff this week, but I'll be back - I promise! 

I'm learning lots of great stuff and bouncing around lots of great ideas for the Young & Free program. I'm here in Nashville meeting the other Spokester from Indiana, Alabama, St. Louis, Michigan, Florida, and Alberta, Canada. We're learning from one another and comparing notes, so hopefully I come back to Maine with a whole new bag of tricks!


I arrived in Nashville yesterday and today is my first full day in the city! What I'm seeing so far is bars, cowboy boots, and country music. So if you're into all those things, Nashville is the place for you! And that good old southern hospitality of course!

I'll be back on the road in Maine next week! So don't worry college students of Maine: I have not forgotten about you!

See you soon,

Lauren R.