On The Road: Gorham

Sandwiches for students!

Gorham, Maine is a quaint little college town and the home of the University of Southern Maine Huskies. Yesterday I ventured into the town to do another Random Act of Freeness! 

For the past two months or so, I've been going around to college campuses doing Random Acts of Freeness. It's just like a random act of kindness, but I've been giving away free things to college students. I mean, what college student is going to say no to something FREE?! 

So, I thought to myself what do college kids love? What would really make their day? And then I drove past a Subway, and knew that no college student can resist a Subway sandwich. 

I gave away five Subway gift cards to random USM students. Each of them were equally confused when I first approached them. But that quickly turned into genuine delight when I handed over a Subway gift card. 

When I've been doing these Random Acts of Freeness the most common reaction goes something like this: "Oh my goodness, thank you. This is really awesome. THANKS!"

Well, you are very welcome! And I hope those students enjoy their Subway sandwiches!


Happy Thursday!

Lauren R.