On the Road: Orono, Farmington & Waterville

On The Road: College Style 

Remember when I announced I would be going On the Road: College Style? Well I've been on the road and I have stories to share about my Random Acts of Freeness! I've been to three locations so far, and I've been surprising 18-to-25 year olds with FREE stuff. I've bought coffees, burritos, pizzas, and given away gift cards for random young folks. 

Orono, ME

I kicked off the college tour in Orono, my old stomping grounds. I figured I would start things off in the college town I know very well. So I went Verve, one of of my favorite places to eat and bought some lucky UMaine students burritos! I then hopped down the street to Ampersand and got some coffee and bananas for a group of girls!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of this first Random Act of Freeness. I think I was too caught up in the logistics of how I would pull of these Random Acts. But I think I've got it down now!

Farmington, ME


Last Friday was my very first time in Farmington, and it was such a cute and quaint town! The University of Maine at Farmington blended into the downtown area, making it easy for students to walk into town. It was a beautiful day so I took some time to walk around and get acquainted with the Farmington. I bought iced coffees for two young students at Dunkin Donuts and then ventured to Farmington House of Pizza where I found another two students and I bought their pizzas. 

Every was extremely grateful, saying "You just made my day!" And ladies, I'm glad I could make your day! I just want to spread that credit union love!

Waterville, ME


This Monday I traveled to Waterville, the home of Thomas College, Colby College and Kennebec Community College. It was a rainy, gloomy, Monday and I was hard pressed to find many 18-to-25 hanging out around town. I had lunch at a cute cafe called Selah Tea where I had a wonderful butternut squash bisque. However it wasn't that busy so I ventured all around town looking for some Gen-Y'ers. Finally I found them! They were doing their grocery shopping at Hannaford. I presented $5 gift cards to these young folks. Each of these young folks were genuinely surprised but very happy to receive my Random Act of Freeness. 

Next week I'll be in Nashville meeting the other Young & Free Spokesters from different states, but keep your eyes peeled for the Green Machine in the Portland area in the coming weeks!

Lauren R.