On the Road: All Hallow's Eve

Reverse Trick or Treat

We all know little kids dress up in costumes and go from door to door in their neighborhood asking for candy, but what if someone came to your door not asking, but giving you candy? Like a reverse trick or treat! 

That's what I'll be doing this afternoon in Portland! I plan to surprise a few lucky college students near the University of Southern Maine campus as a part of going "On the Road: College Style" and the Random Acts of Freeness. Remember my video introducing the idea? Well, I've been to Farmington, Orono, and Waterville so far! And today's stop is Portland!

When you think about it, Halloween is actually a strange concept. Dressing up in a costume and knocking on stranger's doors for candy seems kind of weird. But the fact that so many people and neighborhoods participate in the celebration makes it feel normal. 

Did you know this strange holiday is a multi-million dollar business? Between the sweet confections, costumes, decorations, and greeting cards it adds up to a booming holiday season. I mean, god forbid I wear the same costume as I did last year. 

Check out the infographic below that gives you the numbers to Halloween. We spend so much on this holiday, it's crazy! I just want to continue my Random Acts of Freeness by giving away free stuff to college students. I know what it was like to try and celebrate Halloween on a budget, so now I just want to help students out and spread that credit union love!


Happy (almost) Halloween! 

Lauren R.