On The Road: South Portland

Young & Free visits with Southern Maine Community College Students


Yesterday afternoon marked the final Random Act of Kindness for the On The Road: College Style series! Just because the college road trip has come to a close doesn't mean I won't be doing nice things anymore! 

I had a great time surprising college students with awesome free stuff! It made me happy when I could tell I really made someone's day. There really is no better feeling than giving and being helpful. 

Yesterday the college road trip brought me to South Portland where I found students from Southern Maine Community College. Although it was a chilly afternoon and the wind was whipping off the ocean front, students were out and about like any other day. 

I randomly found five students and presented them with $5 Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Each student was surprised at first but thankful for the free opportunity to juice up on caffeine. College students love their coffee! They just can't not have it!

After telling one girl I wanted to give her a gift card, she replied "YESS! I love Dunkin Donuts!" I could tell she might have already been on a Dunkin run already! 

Check out the lucky students below!


Happy Thursday!

Lauren R.