That Awesome Moment

Music fans, you know that moment when you’re at a concert, your favorite band is putting on a great show, the music is blasting, and suddenly you’re just lost in the music?

It’s an awesome feeling.

Today is technically my day off, but I couldn’t help but blog about my trip down to Boston see one of my favorite bands play live for the first time. My brother and I have been huge fans of The Rocket Summer since high school and although he has seen the band in concert before, this will be my first experience scream-singing the lyrics along with front man Bryce Avary.

The Rocket Summer’s music is quite different than anything on the radio today. The lyrics are painfully honest. It's difficult to pinpoint a genre; the sound pulls from pop, rock, punk, and even some religious influences. The band is also very unique in that Bryce writes every note, plays every instrument, and produces every song himself. He has complete ownership over his work. 

Tonight I'll get to experience one of the most awesome things in the world -- My favorite band is on stage, putting on a great show with the music blasting, and suddenly I'm lost in the music. It's just awesome.

One of my favorite blogs, 1000 Awesome Things, always brings a smile to my face. There are a ton of awesome things on the list, but a few are just a little more awesome to me. Number 132 is about that moment when you lose yourself in the music. The author sums it up perfectly, "When songs slam your brain, bass shakes your bones, and chest-clenching notes sponge into you, it’s like you suddenly slip outside of being you."

So tonight, I'll be at a tiny venue in Boston, seeing one of my favorite bands play live for the first time with my brother and some of my closest friends. Best day off ever.

Get lost in the music today, everyone.

Kylie K.