Organize Your Life

My fifth grade teacher always used to say, “Organize your life!” This was our cue to clean out our desks, put away that pile of chapter books and locate our pencils. Sometimes we would make to-do lists or take a look at the next week's lessons as part of our organizing routine. We did this once a week, usually on Friday, so we could start the next week on a fresh note. Even as a fifth grader I appreciated the opportunity to clean up and get organized for school.

As I advanced through grade school to high school and then to college, I kept Mrs. Gray’s mantra in my mind. Organizing my life is a necessary part of my week that keeps me moving in the right direction.

As you prepare to head back to the classroom this fall, take time to organize your life. You’ll get the school year started off on the right track.

One Week Before: Adjust Your Sleep Pattern

If you’ve been enjoying a more relaxed sleeping pattern over the last several weeks of summer, it’s a good idea to make adjustments to your schedule so that first 8 a.m. class doesn’t come as a total shock to your system. Seven days before classes start, go to bed and set your alarm a half hour earlier than usual. Make adjustments all week, gradually going to bed and waking up earlier until you’ve hit your goal wake-up time. A gradual change in your sleep cycle will help you avoid that zombie-esque feeling that comes with waking up early for the first day of classes.

One Week Before: Read the Syllabus for Every Class

If your professors make their class syllabus available before the semester begins I recommend printing this out and reading through it. This will mentally prepare you for the work ahead of you. It will also give you an idea of what kind of supplies you will need for the class.

3 to 4 Days Before: Create a Back to School Playlist

So the next two really have nothing to do with organization, but they've always been part of my back to school routine. Going back to school can be nerve wracking, so I always used music as a way to calm me down and relieve some stress. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes to sing you stress-free into the first day of school.

3 to 4 Days Before: Enjoy One Last Summer Event

In a perfect world summer would never end. Put a seal on a great summer of memories by hosting one last barbeque, going on one final hike, or taking a farewell swim in the lake. Summer will be back next year, I promise, but let this one go out with a bang.

Night Before: Print Your Class Schedule

Your class schedule may have changed over the summer. Classrooms and professors can change up to the last minute. Make sure you have the most up-to-date information regarding your classes by printing your schedule the night before.

Night Before: Pick Your Outfit

Ensure a smooth morning on the first day of school by laying out your outfit the night before. It’ll save you the time of digging through your closet looking for that perfect college campus look.

Morning Of: Enjoy

Put on your first day of school outfit, grab your favorite coffee, and put on your back to school playlist. Enjoy the first day of school! Being a student is an incredible opportunity not available to everyone. Savor it.

How do you organize your life?

Kylie K.