Overpriced Products You Probably Purchased

Prices are rising. Gas, groceries, and other common goods and services are getting more expensive even though the product itself isn’t changing. This list of 20 of the World’s Most Overpriced Items features products you have probably purchased recently. The mark-ups will shock you. One product is marked up over 1,200 percent on average.


I don’t even want to talk about how much I paid for a half-ounce bottle of my favorite BB face cream. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Guys, you’ve probably forked over way too much cash for your razors or the manliest moisturizer at the store. Even though it really damages the paycheck, these cosmetic products make us feel confident so we consider them a necessity. The best way to save money on these would be to embrace our natural beauty, but for those of us that prefer to enhance what nature gave us, don’t be afraid to opt for store brand versions of face cleansers, lotions and other products you use on a daily basis. Compare the ingredients on the back of the bottle and you may find you’re paying that extra money for the same product just with a fancier label. For those items that you must have a certain brand, search for coupons online and in mailers.

College Textbooks

You know you pay too much money for textbooks. The average college student will spend $655 on textbooks this year. Save some of that money by shopping used books only and when possible, buy older versions of the required materials. Always check with your professor or someone who has taken the class before for their advice on purchasing the text. Check out episode 66 of the Living Young & Free Show for more textbook savings tips. 

Bakery Goods

Since I have a crazy baking obsession premade bakery treats are not allowed in my house. I save a lot of money baking my own bread, cookies, muffins and more. Need some recipes? You can always check out the Food Fun tag on the Young & Free Maine website, or head over to my favorite recipe website, Foodgawker.

Coffee and Tea

According to Money Talks News, coffee and tea from a coffee house or drive-thru can be marked up by almost 300 percent. Make your own caffeinated treats at home. This site has a free ebook of Starbucks recipes. If you try any of them, let me know!

Movie Theater Food

The price of movie theater food has reached levels of insanity. The average mark-up for movie theater popcorn is 1,275 percent. Seriously? That has to be a form of robbery. Candy is no better. Why is it okay to charge $6.00 per box of candy when you can get the same candy in the same box at the Dollar Store across the street? It’s tough to get around this crazy expense. You could save yourself money (and calories) by giving up treats at the theater all together, but who wants to watch a movie without a tub of greasy popcorn on their lap or enough Twizzlers to wrap around the theater twice? Since most theaters don’t allow outside food or beverages inside, you can offset the cost of snacks by saving on tickets. Opt for a matinee movie, which is often several dollars cheaper than a nighttime showing.

Have you purchased any overpriced products lately?

Kylie K.