Photo Story: Nashville, TN aka Music City

Last week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, aka music city. Although I was in a conference for the majority of the trip, it was an experience of a lifetime. 

The trip began with rain. And flooding. Just the kind of conditions you hope for when flying.

But surprisingly, we left on schedule!

Plane rides are boring, so to combat the boredom, I brought plenty of salt water taffy and books. (Unwrapping the salt water taffy took up a good 10 minutes...)

Needless to say there aren't many exciting things to photograph on planes.

And waiting an hour for a layover can get pretty boring, too. At least I didn't have to run to catch a flight...but who knows, maybe that would have added some fun action shots! 

The good news is that it was sunny in the south!

It was pretty clear from the moment I landed that I was in #musiccity


Then came the conference, but I wouldn't call it a conference. It was a cross between musical performances, inspiring messages, and powerful stories. We heard the stories of some incredible people:  Blaine Hogan (actor); Jeremy Cowart (photographer); Amy Grant (singer/songwriter); Jena Lee Nardella (founder of Blood:Water nonprofit); James Rhodes (concert pianist); among others. The stories shared during the conference were real, honest, sometimes emotional, sometimes shocking, yet all were inspiring.

James Rhodes, a classical concert pianist, shared his story with the audience. His outlook on life changed mine. In fact, I'm listening to his music now.

More musicians take the stage.

And more...This is Jon Guerra and his wife.

After the conference ended, I participated in the water walk, to bring awareness to the lack of clean water access in Africa. The walk represents the daily struggle for those in Africa who must walk miles for water every day, with no guarantee that the water will be clean.

The walk was much more difficult after we filled our jugs with water.

The closing act...a musical performance. #musiccity

The truth is:  whole, true stories are powerful, and they do change our lives. 

Before I knew it, the trip was over. With newfound energy and enthusiasm, I was headed back to Maine. Sometimes, all it takes is a trip to #musiccity.

Take care,