Pinterest Tips

I was catching up with my friend Joe today, who owns his own landscaping company. Somehow marketing came up and we chatted a bit about how to better reach different markets around the state and country. I feel like as a result of Young and Free, I am a pretty good Facebooker (which really translates to time waster when I'm not working). Pinterest is something that has all of a sudden taken the internet by storm. I am not currently on Pinterest, and don't entirely understand how it functions, but I know a lot of people who swear by the site. I have a feeling that Pinterest is largely used by females, and less with males. I could be way off the mark, but I haven't heard of too many men who use it. I do know that Darryl from Young and Free South Carolina uses it. I think he may be the only one I know.

Now, with a new social media site means a whole new way of marketing towards different people. If you are someone who owns a small business or just someone who is trying to get your blog, pictures...whatever really, out to the masses, Pinterest could help you on your way! Here's a few tips if you're looking to promote something on Pinterest.

Don't Use Boring Photos

If you are posting photos to your profile, use ones that are visually appealing. People tend to re-pin things that they find they can relate to, things that make them think and things that are cute. If you're going to post a recipe, post a picture with it which really highlights the dish or item you've cooked. If you are posting an inspirational quote, toy with the fonts and put a snazzy picture in the background. Chances are people will take your material and re-pin it.

Use Widgets

What's a widget? It's a little button that says, "Hey! Re-pin my site on Pinterest!" If you're a blogger, you should probably put this on your site. Many businesses have links on their pages where you can "like" it on Facebook (this requires an actual Facebook Fan Page). Pinterest is essentially doing the same thing. If you think you've got good content, tell the world by using their buttons! All it takes is a few people pinning your blog or photos, and then you'll be seen by people all around the country and world using Pinterest.

Ask Friends to Re-Pin

Follow your friends on Pinterest, but ask them to re-pin things that you have posted. If you really want people to know about your awesome blog, great photos or fun crafts, your best bet (I imagine) is to ask people to re-pin what you have. Once someone re-pins something, all of their followers can see it as well. Like I said before, all it takes is a few pins and you've got the word out to hundreds or thousands of people.

For more tips on how to use Pinterest, check here. You can also take a look at how some of the bigger businesses and companies around the world are using Pinterest. It may be worth following them! I did learn that if you are not on Pinterest, you have to be invited by someone find someone who is already on and ask them to send you an invite! Start pinning!

How do you use Pinterest?

Seth P.