Preparing for the White Stuff

No, I don't mean mayonnaise. Looks like Maine is about to get hit with a dose of snow tomorrow and Friday. I'm sure those of you who ski, snowboard and snowmobile are going to be quite excited about everything. Even as a lifelong Maine resident, I find myself sometimes forgetting to fully equip myself for snowstorms. Now, I don't think that anything less than four inches is really that awful, but generally once or twice a year we end up with a doozy. What are some things you should have on hand when the snow comes? Well, here's a few things I make sure I have.


This may seem like a no brainer, but if you live on campus somewhere or have a house that is plowed, you may not have a shovel handy. If you have to drive somewhere in a snowstorm, a shovel is a great tool to have. Let's hope you don't go off the road, but on the off chance you slide a bit, you may have to dig yourself out. Having a shovel in the back seat can help you dig out of a snowbank, help someone else dig out of a snowbank, or help you shovel a path out of wherever you are parked. Just because you get plowed doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get out in time for work, class or anything else going on. Better safe then sorry!

Charged Phone

Make sure your cell phone is charged up fully before the storm hits. If you lose power, you won't be able to charge your phone which could be an issue if you run out of batteries and need to call someone. Also, if you are traveling and end up needing to call someone, you'll be fully prepared.

Spare Water

Fill up a few jugs with water just in case. If you lose power, chances are you will also lose your ability to use the faucets. You don't need to go crazy with this (I've seen people stock up tons and tons of water) but a few gallons may be a good idea in case you lose power for a day or two. Now, if it's going to be a big mama jamma of a storm, you may want to set more water aside just in case. Ice storm of '98 anyone? I was without power for 12 days. We made sure we plenty of water!

Hot Chocolate

You can't come inside from a long afternoon of sledding or shoveling without a nice cup of hot cocoa waiting for you! At least, that's what I think. Make sure that if you are about to get blistered with a storm, you have some darn good hot chocolate on reserves. I guess hot tea would work as well, but it doesn't have the same chocolatey goodness effect that cocoa does.

There are probably quite a few more things you should have on hand during a storm, but these are some that I find are most important. Here's a list of top ten blizzard tips you can abide by. Also, this has nothing to do with snow. I just find it repulsive. Here's some side by side pictures of fast food ads compared to what is actually produced. MMMM Yummy!

What do you do to prepare for a snow storm?

Seth P.