Priceless Credit Union Perks

Imagine a place where you open the door and it feels like home. People address you by first name, ask about your day and take care of your needs quickly and without hassle. There is no cost for all the help these people provide. Even when you’re away you can visit a similar place, with helpful people who handle your needs and issues just like at home. You leave feeling confident, empowered and maybe even richer. 

This place exists… And it’s called a credit union.

Maine’s credit unions offer all of these benefits and more. From personal member assistance, easy and efficient transactions, and shared branching, credit unions are well versed in giving their members what they need. Credit unions offer even more benefits for 18 to 25 year olds. These extra perks are priceless. Literally.

The free4ME checking account is a no-cost account available at many of Maine’s credit unions. This account is specifically designed for us, the 25-and-under crowd. We’re busy, on-the-go people with a need for quick information, easy access and no-cost perks. The free4ME account addresses our needs and makes it easy to live young and free.

No Fees

We shouldn’t have to pay to use our own money. With the free4ME account there is no monthly maintenance fee or per-check fee. Many credit unions are part of the SURF network, so you won’t have to pay to withdraw money at a participating ATM either. Fees and charges associated with accounts at other financial institutions can cost you big time. Credit unions know that the under-25 crowd has much more important things to spend our hard earned money on, so this no fee account is perfect for our lifestyle.

Oops! Refund

The hectic life we lead as 18 to 25 year olds makes it easy to forget things sometimes. Did you forget to transfer that money into your checking and the rent payment accidentally overdrew your account? Were you out buying textbooks at the bookstore and found that the BIO 100 book was a bit pricier than you thought, causing you to overspend what was available on your debit card? Don’t sweat it. With the free4ME account, you can have a service fee reversed twice a year. Just call your credit union and the fee is gone. 

No Minimum Balance

We shouldn’t have to tie up any amount of our precious money in a minimum balance. If my account has $100 in it, I want access to all of it. That’s one of the great things about the free4ME account. There is no minimum balance. You can enjoy all the benefits of this checking account without having to keep a certain amount of money in it at all times.

Free iTunes Gift Card

In a world of iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks, there is nothing as precious as free apps and music. With the free4ME checking account you get a $10 iTunes gift card just for having a free4ME account. I love this perk. Who doesn’t love free music and apps? 

These are just a few of the great benefits of the free4ME checking account. You can learn more about free4ME right here on the Young & Free Maine website or by calling a participating credit union.

To search for credit unions in your area that offer the free4ME checking account, use the Maine Credit Union Locator. Credit unions listed with this logo offer the account. If your credit union doesn’t offer the free4ME account, ask about their other great options to suit your needs. 

What do you love about being a credit union member?

Kylie K.